ONNAIS SMART KEY LOCK BOX - Weatherproof Key Holder Lock Box for Outside (Free Shipping)

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Enhanced Key Security. No more hiding keys under the doormat! Grant entry to guests, realtors, dog walkers, and more. Crucial for emergencies, elderly care, and Airbnb's contact-free entry.
Advanced Privacy Features. This feature enhances security and privacy, making the key safe lock box secure and reliable for storing keys and sensitive information.
Spacious and Organized Storage. No more concerns about too many keys! The key lock box with code accommodates at least 5 sets of keys and smart access cards, keeping them organized.
Sturdy & Durable. Ultimate protection for your belongings' security, Suitable for any weather conditions, including sunny, rainy, and snowy days.

Why Choose ONNAIS Key Lock Box?

  • Quick Access
  • Fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking allow you to quickly access in just 0.5 seconds. Our key lock box always keeps you one step ahead.
  • Peek-proof Digital Design
  • The smart box's peek-proof digital design ensures that your password is not visible to others, ensuring the security of your belongings.
  • Waterproof Design
  • Smart lock box suitable for any weather conditions, including sunny, rainy, and snowy days.
  • Lighting Design
  • Unique lighting design allows you to find the key you need even in dimly lit environments.
  • USB Charging
  • A single charge ensures at least 80 days of usage, and USB charging is more convenient compared to replacing traditional batteries.

The ONNAIS Advantage

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