Onnais Alloy SE Gun Safe Review: Keeping Your Handgun Secure By Chris Fortenberry


Keeping your firearms secure is one of the requirementsof being a responsible gun owner. One of the ways that responsible gun owners keep their firearms secure is with the use of gun safes.

That being said, keeping your firearms secure but inaccessible is not. Any safe you choose to use needs to be easily accessible by those who are authorized to access it, but not so for those who are not.

Gun safes come in many shapes and sizes.  Some safes are capable of securing dozens of guns, but their size and aesthetics generally keep them out of sight in back rooms and closets. These safes are not useful for keeping your guns near at hand. Enter the Onnais Alloy SE Gun Safe.

The Onnais has created a safe to solve the problem of keeping your handguns secure while at the same time making them easily accessible in the event you need quick access.

Did Onnais succeed with the Alloy SE in creating a safe that can both keep your handgun secure and is quick and easy to access when the need arises? Keep reading to find out.


The Onnais Alloy SE Gun Safe has a slick design that sets it apart from more budget-level safes. One aspect of the invention that I like is the lid pops open automatically when the safe is unlocked. I have several safes made by other manufacturers that unlock, but the lid must be manually raised.

The Onnais Alloy SE is also a lightweight safe. This makes the safe very portable, which is convenient for use when traveling. Reinforcing the lightweight/travel-friendly nature of the safe is the fact that it has a carry handle.

There is a downside to the lightweight nature of the safe. This is a safe that is designed to keep honest people honest and keep kids from accessing your handguns or any documents that might be in the safe.

Someone who wants in the safe will be able to break into the safe. For most users and purposes, though, the Onnais Alloy SE will meet their needs.

The safe has three main ways to be accessed, plus a key backup. The fingerprint scanner is one of the quickest, if not the fastest, means of accessing the interior of your safe. A quick tap of your finger on the scanner unlocks the case and causes the lid to open with a satisfying click. The safe is capable of storing 50 separate fingerprints. This could be used to allow multiple users access to the safe or allow one or two people to scan their fingers multiple times to ensure the safe always opens.

If you prefer not to rely on the fingerprint scanner, you also have the option of a key code and an RFID card. The safe only stores one code and says this is the administrator’s code. The safe comes with two RFID cards but can store up to 50 RFID cards. Both options feel more foolproof, but my perception has been colored by poorly reading fingerprint scanners from years ago. My experience with the Onnais safe’s scanner has been 100% reliable.

The interior of the safe has foam that can be used to secure your handgun. The foam can have sections plucked out or removed to make the foam fit the specific shape of your firearm. There is also a pouch and a removable tray that can tailor the safe to your needs.

Glock 17

Taurus GX4 with Holosun 407K

Ruger LCP II & Taurus GX4



Product Dimensions         Exterior: 11.28″×7.87″×3.10″Interior: 8.98″×7.67″×2.57″
Material Steel
Access Methods FingerprintKey PadRFIDKey
Battery Rechargeable


  • Four ways to access safe
  • Quality/lightweight construction for the price
  • Interior LED
  • Padded interior
  • No Fireproof
  • Biometrics can be tricky



There are four different ways of accessing the same. There is a fingerprint scanner, a keypad, RFID cards, and a backup key.


The rechargeable battery is a nice feature. Because I get busy and forget to change batteries in my safe more often than I would like to admit, I have had to open my other gun safes by using the key multiple times. With the rechargeable battery of the Onnais Alloy SE, you can charge the battery anytime without opening the safe.


Have you ever had a hard time finding something on your nightstand in the dark? With the interior LED on the Onnais Alloy SE, you will be less likely to fumble for your handgun in the dark if you have to open your safe in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Interior LED




The Onnais Alloy SE has been 100% reliable for me. I have been able to quickly access the safe and have not experienced any issues with any of the means of opening the safe.


The Onnais Alloy SE is nothing special in terms of looks, but it also isn’t a slouch. I don’t get gun safes for their looks but instead, choose them for their function. In my book, the Onnais Alloy SE is just fine.

VALUE (10/10)

The Onnais Alloy SE is a pretty good value. The feature set on the safe is better than several safes I have purchased from bigger names in the industry for more money.


Overall the safe is good because it does precisely what it aims to do. It is lightweight, easy to use, provides adequate protection to items stored inside of it, and is relatively affordable.

I am able to use it to keep a handgun where only those authorized to access the handgun can access it. Additionally, if the need arises, I have complete confidence I can get to my handgun quickly and easily.

If you are in the market for a good safe that will keep your guns away from little fingers, keep honest people honest, and is easy to use and transport, you definitely should check out the Onnais Alloy SE.


Purchase it at ONNAIS